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Inline Aerosol Aadpter   Inline MDI Adapter
RTC 26-C   RTC 15-D / P

  RTC 22-A / D
Anesthesia Flush Plug   RTC 23-A / D
AM 100P   Adaptateur MDI

  RTC 15-D / P
Anesthesia Holster   RTC 22-A / D
CI-55   RTC 23-A / D

Auto-PEEP Measurement Device   Manual Jet Ventilator
KC 9-P   BE 183-SU / SUR (English)

  Ventilateur manuel à jet
Breast Marker   BE 183-SU / SUR (Francois)

  MDI Adapter
Cuff Pressure Monitor   RTC 21-A / D
BE 148-4  
NS 60-TBS-CP   NIF Meter
NS 60-TRS-CP   NS 30-PBR / TRR

  NS 60-PBR / TBR / TRR
Endotracheal Tube Changer   NS 120-TRR
JEM Series (English)  
(325-330-340-350-3555-360-365-370-400-401)   Non-Rebreathing Tee Valve
Changeurs de sonde trachéale   BE 117
JEM Series (Francois)  
(325-330-340-350-3555-360-365-370-400-401)   O2 Enrichment Kit

  SG 066
Exhalation Valve  
BE 30-115-B / BL   Magnetic PEEP Valves
NS 30-115-5 / 5L   BE 142
NS 30-115-U / UL   BE 142-A

  BE 30-142
Flexible Support Arm  
BE 122-24 / 30   Pilot Tube Repair Kit

  BE 409
Flowmeter Security Devices  
BE 167 - 168   Small Bore Medical Tubing

  SB 1/8-XX SB 3/16-XX
Flow Selector Valve  
SG 603-A   Adult Universal MDI Adapter

  RTC 24-V
O2 Instant Flow Valve   RTC 24-V KIT
BE 3000-FA / FS  
BE 3000-PA / PS   15mm Universal MDI Adapter
BE 3000-RA / RS   RTC 24-VP
Vanne de réglage instantané de I'O2  
BE 3000-FA / FS   Transtracheal Catheter
BE 3000-PA / PS   ACU 1060.1 & ACU 1060.2
BE 3000-RA / RS  

  Vacuum/ Pressure Gauges
Gauge Clamps   NS 30-PBS / TRS
BE 148-5-1   NS 60-PBS / TBS / TRS
BE 148-5-2.5   NS 120-TRS
BE 148-5-2  
BE 148-5-3.5   Ventilator Tubing
RB 004   KC Series – KC-P Series – KC-N Series
BE 148-5-2   KC-3 Series
BE 148-5-3.5   KC-5 Series – KC-5P Series – KC-5N Series
RB 004   KC Series – KC-P Series – KC-N Series

  KC-3 Series
    KC-5 Series – KC-5P Series – KC-5N Series
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